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 Ky Great River Road Trails ATV Trails

Currently there are only TWO permissible locations to ride ATVs in the KY Great River Road Trails found in Carlisle County along the Mississippi River in the unincorporated town of Berkley, KY, or Burkley KY, (either way is fine with us)!


Found only on the permissible road in Carlisle County as listed below or at the Wright’s Area 252 Riding Park. 

1. Carlisle County River Trails – ATV Rules 

Carlisle County Courthouse, 911 Dispatch Center, 985 US HWY 62, Bardwell, KY 42023, For Information Call: (270)628-5420


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With a Permit, atv’s may ride only on the permissible roads listed.  Permissible County Roads include only these listed, otherwise subject to fine or arrest if found outside of ATV Road System:



Permit Fees:
Annual Permit:     $75.00
Weekend Permit: $25.00
Day Permit:          $10.00

WARNING….You are responsible for your own safety. Trail use has inherent risks and you may encounter a variety of unexpected and/or dangerous conditions. It is your responsibility to be informed and take precautions. Trail conditions are subject to change without notice.


2.      Carlisle County River Trail riders should follow safety practices recommended by the AMA ASI, including wearing heavy shoes, protective clothing, shatterproof eyewear, and helmets.

3.      Use caution while unloading and while riding on or near designated parking areas.

4.      Parking strictly prohibited anywhere except designated parking areas.

5.      Trails are two-way traffic. For safety, drive with headlights on.

6.      Hunting and other activities also occur in the Carlisle County River Bottoms. Be aware and courteous to other users on and off the trail at all times.

7.      All users under 21 years of age are required to wear DOT-approved motorcycle safety helmets while vehicles are in operation, except in vehicles with a fully enclosed metal cab or roll bar protection and seatbelts.

8.      Mud bogging and the creation of new trails is strictly prohibited.


10.  All riders must sign a waiver of liability and receive a map of the River Trails.

11.  Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature to ride.

12.  Direct parental or adult supervision is required for all persons under the age of 18 years’ operating on the River Trails.

13.  Litter laws are strictly enforced throughout the River Trails System.

14.  ALL KENTUCKY STATE LAWS SUPERSEDE these rules as if incorporated herein.

 KEEP IT SAFE, Wear proper safety gear, Maintain a safe speed, Stay alert. Expect the unexpected, 

KEEP IT LEGAL, Stay on signed trails. Keep a current map, Obey signs and temporary postings, Don’t mix drugs and/or alcohol with your riding 


OFFICIAL logo cropped2.  Wright’s Area 252 Riding Park

378 CR 1219, Arlington, KY 42021, For more Information call, (270)562-1293 

Permit Fees: None, ride at your own risk.



Rules and safety laws are now in effect for operating ATVs and side by sides on lands to public use. All users must adhere to the laws of the commonwealth of Kentucky, including local and federal. 

WARNING: You are responsible for your own safety. Trail use has inherent risks with a variety of unexpected and/or dangerous conditions. It is your responsibility to be informed and take all precautions. Trail conditions are subject to change without notice.



  1. Failure to follow rules and safe operation guidelines may result in arrests, fines, and/or temporary or permanent ban from Area 252.
  2. The terrain is constantly changing. Ride all trails with CAUTION. When at all possible the uphill rider shall be give the “right of way”. DO NOT BLOCK any trail at any time, except during emergencies. Non operative vehicles should be moved to the side of the trails and attended to immediately.
  3. No trail blazing. Stay on designated trails and obey all signs. Do not enter areas marked as Private Property. Do not damage crops on AREA 252.
  4. Racing, excessive speed, and reckless driving are all strictly prohibited. Be considerate of other riders at all times.
  5. Mud bogging is only allowed on Trail #13 in the designated area.
  6. Litter laws are enforced!!! If you pack it in, pack it out.
  7. No firearms, concealed weapons, or explosives of any kind are allowed on premises.
  8. The removal of any plants, rocks, trees, wildlife, or otherwise is prohibited.
  9. No glass bottles or containers. Alcohol is prohibited.
  10. Camp fires are only allowed in designated areas. No large fires-only downed wood/dead wood may be used for small camp fires. Leave no fires burning or smoldering. Always make sure fire is completely extinguished before leaving.
  11. AREA 252 or any person or entity associated with it, is neither liable nor responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property or injury. All decisions by management are final.
  12. A person under the age of sixteen (16) years shall not operate an all-terrain vehicle with an engine size exceeding ninety (90) cubic centimeters displacement, and a person under the age of 16 shall not operate an all-terrain vehicle except under direct parental supervision. A person under the age of sixteen (16) years, when operating or riding as a passenger on an all-terrain vehicle, shall wear DOT approved protective headgear.
  13. A person under the age of twelve (12) years shall not operate an all-terrain vehicle with an engine size exceeding seventy (70) cubic centimeters displacement.


Wear proper safety gear

Maintain a safe speed

Stay alert. Always expect the unexpected



Stay on designated trails. Keep a current map.

Obey signs and temporary postings.

Don’t mix drugs and/or alcohol with riding.


CAMPING OPTIONS (Located on the KyGreatRiverRoad Trails)

Indian Camp Campground, Contact: Gene and Freda Bolin, (270) 207-0024, Campground Physical Address: 849 CR. 1217, Arlington, Ky. 42021; Mailing Address: 785 Mountjoy Road, Clinton, Ky.42031.   Primitive camping sites available under the moonlight by the campfire telling the tales of the day. Currently 12 sites available (4 with electricity at $20.00 per night, 8 sites w/out hookups at $10.00 per night) – lots of rooms for tents, horse trailers and campers, horses, and 4-wheel riders.  Experience the Mississippi River Trails of Kentucky, connecting with Carlisle County River Trails for awesome views of the Mississippi River.



Downs Campground at the Flag Pole
, Contact Joe Downs, (270) 970-0224, Campground Physical Address: CR. 1217, Arlington, Ky. 42021; Primitive camping sites overlooking the Mighty Mississippi River, Annual July Pig-N-Jig

Columbus Belmont State Park
350 Park Road, Columbus, KY 42032
(270) 677-2327, Book Online:  Campers relax amid beautiful settings on the river cliff campground. The campground has 38 sites with utility hookups and grills. A central service building offers rest rooms, showers, and laundry facilities. Pets are allowed if restrained. Campground open year round, water available, but not to each site in winter.

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